FDI World Dental Federation President 2013-2015

Dr. T.C. Wong has been practising in Hong Kong as a specialist in orthodontics in Hong Kong for over 30 years. She is the Hong Kong Dental Association Past President & Honorary Life Member, Hong Kong Society of Orthodontics Past President, and she has previously worked with the Dental Council of Hong Kong as the Chairman of the Preliminary Investigation Committee. She has dedicated many years to the FDI World Dental Federation, serving as a Council Member, then Treasurer in 2007-2011, President-Elect in 2011-2013 and  President of the FDI in 2013. She is the first Asian woman in the history of FDI to hold that distinction.

Dr. Wong  is a global advocate of improving oral health worldwide. Her  work as President of the World Dental Federation encompassed promotion of dental public health strategies with world wide government health ministers and national dental associations, including talks with WHO director-general on joint efforts for prevention of non-communicable diseases. Her work has been recognised by many national dental associations, including the American Dental Association, who have bestowed her with  Honorary  Membership, and the Chinese Stomatological Association, who have appointed Dr. Wong as an Honorary Council Member. 


Her daughter, Dr. Eva Nowak-Solinska,  is currently working with her in the same practice.  

Dr. WONG Tin Chun

B.D.S. (London),  M.Sc. Orth. (London), L.D.S., D. Orth.R.C.S. (England),

F.H.K.A.M. (Dental Surgery),  F.C.D.S.H.K. (Orthodontics)

​Specialist in Orthodontics
Dr. Wong Tin Chun


Dr. Eva Nowak-Solinska
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